People purchase health insurance through group policies that you get typically through work, or individually by using this website and clicking on the Individual Health tab above. By 2014 it will be the law that people have health insurance. If you do not get it through a group policy through work, then you will need shop for it individually which can be done with great ease here at Phoenix individual health insurance quotes can be obtained by entering your zip code on the home page under the “individual or family health insurance” tab.  If you can not be claimed as a dependent on another individuals health policy and do not get it through work, then purchasing health insurance or medical insurance will be a necessity. Those who are self-employed, contract employees, or work for small employers and do not have access to a group policy provided by an employer have a need for individual coverage. You apply here at by completing an application online that includes your medical history, which will be reviewed by a medical underwriter at the health insurance company you choose. If your application is approved, meaning you meet the underwriting qualifications and are issued a policy, the company may not cover preexisting conditions up to one year after the effective date of the policy. The caveat to this is if you have had insurance in the past under an individual or group policy without a break in coverage of more than 62 days. If so then your new health insurance company must apply the prior creditable coverage towards any waiting period for preexisting conditions. Getting declined or rejected for an individual policy is a possibility based on your health history.

Group coverage can be a good choice for those in particular that may have preexisting conditions because the waiting period is only six months instead of one year as with individual health insurance policies. They are also guaranteed issue so you would not have to worry about the possibility of getting declined as with individual medical insurance. If you have been insured previously under group coverage without a break in your insurance of 180 days, credible coverage will be applied to the six month waiting period.