Arizona health insurance quotes for small and medium sized businesses have never been more affordable or easier to obtain than they are at  Select “Group Health Insurance” from the drop down menu on the home page, enter your zip code, and fill out a few quick questions about your business to get quotes from the highest rated companies in both Arizona and California.  A personal agent will be appointed specifically to you and your business in order to find the best plans and rates for your company.  Below we go over a type of group health insurance called Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements.  We can go over this type of group policy as well as any standard group health insurance policy with you here at

You have to be a member of an association, whether its in industry, professional, trade, of something else in order to have an MEWA. It is a trust fund used to offer health care benefits to the employees in these particular industries. They are very heavily regulated now a days due to the fact that in the 80’s and 90’s there was widespread abuse of claims by MEWAs. The legislation that was drafted to curtail this abuse of claims, forced all MEWAs to file applications for certificates of compliance by November 30, 1995. If they failed to do this they risked loosing their ability to operate all together in California. Strict requirements must have been met in order to be granted this all important “certificate of compliance” for MEWAs. Its no longer legal for new MEWAs to form and to offer health care benefits. Less than 10 MEWAs have been issued certificates of compliance by the California Department of Insurance, permitting legal operation here.

As an employee your workplace may present a MEWA health plan if they are an employer member of a trade, industry, professional, or other association.

  • As stated in the previous paragraph, currently less than ten MEWAs operate in California with certificates of compliance.
  • After November 30, 1995, no new MEWAs can form, operate, or apply for CDI certificates of compliance.


Medi-Cal is looked after by The California Department of Health Services (DHS), and is funded by both state tax revenue and federal tax revenue. It is California’s version of the low income health program know as Medicaid. It pays for different healthcare services for people with minimal income or disabled people and does not require you to be healthy in order to qualify for coverage. There are different eligibility criteria that you have to meet in order to receive Medi-Cal, and you can continuously receive those benefits if you remain eligible. Medi-Cal is managed through your local county welfare/social services department.